Providing dedicated daytime and after-hours on-call answering services for home care companies throughout the United States.

About Us

Top Home Care Answering Service in the US by 24/7 Coastal Contact
About 24/7 Coastal Contact Home Care Answering Service in the US

Dedicated Daytime and After-hours Home Care Management

 24/7 Coastal Contact LLC specializes in providing excellent, reliable, HIPPA-conforming management of after-hours operations for the Home Care industry. Home Care service providers must offer continuous, uninterrupted, and uncompromising personnel management. This necessitates a high level of administrative burden that can result in worker burn-out, decreased worker retention, and decreased quality of care. 

24/7 Coastal Contact was founded to specifically solve this problem for Home Care providers by seamlessly integrating into office management teams to provide high-quality, reliable, burden-free after-hours customer service. In this company profile we will recount the mission and history of 24/7 Coastal Contact, explain what services we provide, and describe how 24/7 Coastal Contact can optimize your administrative team. 

Top Home Care Answering Service in the US by 24/7 Coastal Contact

Mission Statement

Our mission is to revolutionize after-hours Home Care by providing relief to Home Care providers. We will diligently work to resolve issues, handle emergencies, and ensure continuous service throughout the evening so that each agency we represent, and their clients in turn, are always secure. 

Our History

24/7 Coastal Contact is based out of Orange Beach, Alabama and was founded in August 2018 by the CEO, Becky King. Prior to establishing 24/7 Coastal Contact, Ms. King worked for 30 years in the health care industry. Her experience began providing direct patient care. Eventually, she transitioned into home care and home infusion, then acquired her HCS-D certification as a Home Health specialty coder where she learned about the administrative burden facing Home Health and Home Care providers. 

It became clear that after-hours customer service was a major toll home care industry and it was with this need in mind that 24/7 Coastal Contact was founded. In the three years since its start, 24/7 Coastal Contact has grown explosively. Now, we provide service to over 40 agencies in over 24 states with a 95% retention of service rate. 

About 24/7 Coastal Contact Home Care Answering Service in the US

Team Leadership

Courtney Kendrick
Director of Administration

Justin Carr
Director of Operations

Teresa Carr
Department Manager

Kim Harper
Department Manager

LisaBeth Ayers
Department Manager

Our Team

Currently, 24/7 Coastal Contact consists of 30 employees dedicated to providing service to all of our agencies. Becky Mathew, CEO, is your first point of contact as you work to on-board with 24/7 Coastal Contact. Afterward, Justin Carr, our Director of Operations, will help you prepare to transfer your after-hours responsibilities to 24/7 Coastal Contact and will help establish your connection with your Account Associate. Our Director of Administration, Courtney Kendrick, will work with you as our relationship grows to ensure continuous, reliable, hassle-free service. Our team is growing rapidly. 

We have refined methods to prepare new Account Associates as they are needed. When hiring Account Associates for 24/7 Coastal Contact we look for candidates who are enthusiastic, passionate, and sensitive to the Home Care industry.  Our Account Associates truly have a heart for the clients and their families while working to fill their needs. 

Each new Account Associate undergoes a 3-week training process. First, they are trained in the homecare process so they understand what your care-providers will require. Next, they must become HIPPA compliant. After this they are trained to utilize the 24/7 Coastal Contact software and phone platform. Finally, they may engage in customer service while under supervision. 

The Benefit of 24/7 Coastal Contact

We save you money. We reduce overtime charges for the staff you are paying to be On-Call and reduce their level of burnout. This means that you can retain your staff at a higher level, and they will be enabled to focus more on client care. With the burden of after-hours care lifted from their shoulders your staff can focus on new referrals and bringing in more clients. 

We re-staff “call-offs” which will prevent you from losing billable hours. We work hard to manage emergencies and work with our clients to manage your needs. We aim to integrate seamlessly into your administrative infrastructure and our Account Associates aim to establish excellent working relationships with each agency as well as the agency’s clients and caregivers. 

Looking Toward the Future

We want for all Home Care franchises to be aware that 24/7 Coastal Contact is an option to after-hours customer service needs. We can be the solution that your business needs. We have established efficient protocols to on-board new clients and new Account Associates so that our business can continue to expand. Our goal is to continue to provide a friendly and reliable voice to after-hours Home Care service needs. 

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