Providing dedicated daytime and after-hours on-call answering services for home care companies throughout the United States.

Home Care Careers

Top Home Care Answering Service in the US by 24/7 Coastal Contact

Join the 24/7 Coastal Contact Family.

We take pride in specializing in the Home Care industry and providing each of our customers with responsive, competent, and excellent service.

As a 24/7 Coastal Contact Account Associate, you are the face of our company, and your role as Account Associate is a vital part of our business. We provide the highest level of customer service while working to ensure each of our agencies, their clients, and caregivers have complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

We have refined methods to prepare our new Account Associates.

When hiring Account Associates for 24/7 Coastal Contact we look for candidates who are enthusiastic, passionate, and sensitive to the Home Care industry. It is very important that you truly have a heart for the clients and their families while working to fill their needs.

  • We strive to build positive relationships and provide a cohesive work environment through accessibility, open communication, empathy, listening to others, and taking an interest in others’ wellbeing.
  • We are responsible for our words and actions, and our successes and failures and we respect each other’s contributions to supporting our mission.
  • We keep our promises, communicate with honesty and transparency, and deliver our services in adherence to our moral and ethical principles.
  • We are genuine with ourselves and with others. We support self- expression, and each persons’ true self is valued.

As a new Account Associate, you will undergo a 3-week training process.

Your training will begin with “What is Home Care” because we want to make sure you understand what the needs of the care-providers you’ll be serving. Next, you must become HIPPA compliant. After this, you are trained to utilize the 24/7 Coastal Contact software and phone platform. Finally, you may engage in customer service while under supervision.

Day Time Home Care Answering Service in the US by 24/7 Coastal Contact

Job Description

We are an after-hours service specializing in home care. We handle all scheduling and emergency needs for our agencies all while working remotely. You will monitor missed clock-ins, call-offs, re-staffing shifts, client schedule changes, etc. Due to the nature of our after hours business, we work evenings, weekends, and holidays.

As a remote work from home employee of 24/7 Coastal Contact, you will see the following benefits, which will help you to both feel and be more confident and successful in the work you do through us.

  • We aim to build a strong sense of camaraderie, with all employees taking a vested interest in the success of both their colleagues and the company.
  • We take an ‘all hands-on deck’ approach in busy periods.
  • We respect and value the opinions of our employees.

This involvement gives you the opportunity to showcase your commitment to company success, by offering your own vision for its future.

  • As you work side-by-side with colleagues, this fosters a level of respect among all employees, and often results in effective collaboration.
  • As part of a smaller team, you are far more likely to receive recognition for the hard work you put into the business – and be praised for your achievements.

What’s more, as your managers will be involved more closely with your work, they are more likely to recognize and reward fairly when it comes to promotion.

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