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Ways to Make Big Holiday Gatherings More Enjoyable for Your Senior

Taking some time to prepare special allowances and needs for your elderly loved one will help them celebrate the season with their loved ones.
Home Care - Ways to Make Big Holiday Gatherings More Enjoyable for Your Senior
Home Care - Ways to Make Big Holiday Gatherings More Enjoyable for Your Senior

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for big holiday gatherings. For some families, this is the one time of the year that everyone has a chance to get together and enjoy catching up, sharing stories, and creating memories. It’s a time of year that many family members and friends look forward to all year round. While parents of young children often remember that they may have to make special allowances for their children to enjoy the whole day (and for them to be able to do the same), many family members forget that some special allowances may need to be made for their elderly loved one. If he’s used to having a home care provider as his only company and always there to help him eat, clean up, and socialize a large family gathering may be overwhelming, even if he is excited to see everyone.

So, while his home care provider may not attend your large family gathering, there are still steps you can take to help your loved one enjoy his time with the family.

Reduce his visiting time. If it’s an all-day event, that might be a bit overwhelming for your loved one. Instead, ask his home care provider if they can bring him over right before the meal begins or come and pick him up right after the present opening so that he doesn’t become too exhausted from a long day.

Assign someone to help him at all times while the gathering is occurring. Your loved one should have someone by his side ready to help him create a food plate from the large array of foods at the potluck or ready to help him get to the bathroom when the time calls. Don’t assume your sibling will do it because she’s done it every year. Instead, talk to family members before the gathering begins to find out who will watch over him. You might even decide to tag-team the task, and have multiple family members ready to step in.

Include him when possible. While an outdoor game of football may not be possible for him to play, he might like watching it and cheering on his favorite nephew. Look for ways to keep him included but not uncomfortable.

Home Care - Ways to Make Big Holiday Gatherings More Enjoyable for Your Senior
Home Care – Ways to Make Big Holiday Gatherings More Enjoyable for Your Senior

Maintain his dietary needs. If your loved one has specific dietary needs that his home care provider helps him follow at home, don’t make the holiday a complete cheat day because it’s a celebration. It can cause him pain and discomfort and even illness later. Find out if he can enjoy little ‘treats’ but for the most part, make sure food meets his dietary requirements.

Talk to him one-on-one. Large group conversations can be hard to follow for many elderly. Instead, take time to sit and chat one-on-one and ask others to do the same. Your loved one will enjoy catching up with family members in this more intimate type of conversation.

Taking some time to prepare special allowances for your loved one will help him celebrate the season with his loved ones.

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