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How Does an After-Hours Answering Service Work?

After-Hours Answering Service-If you're considering having someone answer phones during overnight hours, here's a guide to what the staff can do and how it works.
After-Hours Answering Service - How Does an After-Hours Answering Service Work?
After-Hours Answering Service - How Does an After-Hours Answering Service Work?

When you own a home care agency, your clientele must be able to reach you at all hours with questions, emergency concerns, or questions. How much more business could you get if you had an answering service taking calls outside of normal business hours? What can an after-hours answering service do to help out?

If you’re considering having someone answer phones during overnight hours, here’s a guide to what the staff can do and how it works.

What Can an Answering Service Do?

An after-hours answering service can answer calls throughout the night to address emergency calls. If a client calls to tell your agency that their dad fell and is in the hospital, there’s no point sending out a caregiver in the morning. An answering service can message you and the caregiver to prevent an unnecessary trip.

Answering services can provide general information. Someone calls after normal business hours to ask a simple question like how long does it take to set up the services? You can have a sheet of information for answering service professionals to use when answering these questions. Have information available that covers common questions like availability, services, price ranges, and scheduling intake interviews.

A client calls with a billing question, but the office hours are closed. A specialist can take down the pertinent details and share them with the billing department in the morning. That way, when the billing department returns the call, they have everything they need to avoid delays in answering the client’s question or concern.

It’s a holiday like New Year’s Eve and your usual office staff is leaving for the night to celebrate. That doesn’t mean your phones have to go unanswered. Unanswered phones, especially on holidays, are frustrating to a family in need of answers. Agents can answer the phones when your staff is out. You’ll have 24/7 coverage all year long, which makes clients much happier.

Agents Are Up and Ready to Handle Calls with an After-Hours Answering Service

When you arrange an overnight answering service, agents are ready to take calls on your behalf. They can answer questions using the information you provide. If there are calls that are not something the agent can assist with, the answering service takes messages and emails or calls you with them.

You don’t have to pay a staff member to cover the night shift. You won’t have the cost of benefits, salaries, and electricity while keeping an office open all night. If you work out of your home, you don’t have to have someone in your home office while you’re sleeping.

Make sure you have someone taking calls all night. While you and your office staff sleep, an after-hours answering service takes over. Your business flows smoothly and clients are satisfied with exceptional customer service. Learn more about the benefits of after-hours answering services by making a call.

If you are considering hiring an After-Hours Answering Service that is dedicated to the senior care market, contact 24/7 Coastal Contact today at (251) 260-0226.

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