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Becky King Talks About 24/7 Coastal Contact- More than Just an Answering Service

Learn more about Becky King and 24/7 Coastal Contact, an after-hours, on-call answering service for home care agencies, that is much different from what you might expect!
Becky King, Founder, Owner, 247 Coastal Contact
Becky King, Founder, Owner, 247 Coastal Contact

Hi, I’m Becky King, the owner of 24/7 Coastal Contact.

About Us

Coastal Contact specializes in providing the management of after-hours on-call operations for the home care industry.

We’re an on-call service created specifically to alleviate the stress associated with operating a business that runs 24/7 365 days a year.

Working in this industry, I realized the administrative burden the agencies faced handling the on-call, and it became clear to me that after hours was a major toll for the home care industry. And it was with this need in mind that 24/7 coastal contact was founded after hours consists of 522 hours per month.

That’s 6,264 hours annually.

That’s a lot. That’s hours that you as owners and your staff are having to man your phones. A full-time employee working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, that’s 2080 hours annually, so that’s a lot of hours. 

Big difference. Imagine the relief that it can bring to you and your staff if that 6,264 hours was removed from your shoulders and that workload was placed somewhere else.

We’re in place to relieve your stress, reduce the burnout increasing worker performance and retention, reduce overtime charges for your staff to be on call. You can retain your staff at a higher level and they’ll be able to focus more on their actual job.

We also take the burden away of having to manage an after hours on-call schedule. That becomes our issue to work through and handle at that point. And we save you money. We’re a professional service that can be utilized as an expense.

We just want to provide a simple, cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly even when you’re not there.

What Sets Us Apart?

I think our team approach sets us apart from other business models similar to ours. 

When I started this, I knew that I did not want it to be a call center setting, and I also knew that what I was trying to accomplish would not work in a call center setting. I didn’t want phones rolling to the next available attendant. I wanted to keep it very personable and have a structured, dedicated team for our agencies so that we could establish relationships not only with their office staff, but with their clients and their caregivers.

I often hear that 24/7 Coastal Contact has been a game changer for these owners and their staff. They feel like they’ve been provided the relief. They say they’ll never go back to answering their phones again. 

And I also feel that our level of customer service and the documentation that we provide tends to exceed their expectations.

Advice in Hiring an On-Call After-Hours Answering Service

I know hiring an answering service or after hours on-call service is a big deal and it can be very scary. I encourage you to consider the tremendous amount of weight that can be lifted off the administrative staff’s shoulders with the support of 24/7 Coastal Contact. 

It can change your company’s efficiency, your customer satisfaction, and improve your team’s performance.

24/7 Coastal Contact is so much more than an answering service, and we can be that solution. 

Our Contact Information

You can visit our website at

There’s a lot of great information there. 

There’s also a link that you could submit a service inquiry that’ll come straight to us and someone will reach out to you. 

Or you can email us at and our office number is 251-260-0226.

Becky King, Founder, CEO
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